Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet in 2020 – Reviews

Sprinters with level feet realize that a decent pair of shoes can have a significant effect between a thrilling run and an overwhelming, agonizing trudge. Much the same as individuals experiencing things like supination, shoes have any kind of effect. Individuals with level feet don’t have normal curves, and subsequently, the whole underside of the foot comes into contact with the ground while moving.

This can cause extraordinary agony and uneasiness while running. That is the reason we assembled this rundown of the 7 best running shoes for level feet of 2019. Counseling this rundown will enable you to settle on the correct decision that will secure your feet.

Factors to choose the best running shoes for Flat feet:

On the off chance that you are a sprinter with level feet, your shoes can have a significant effect. Try not to let slips up cause potential damage and issues not far off. Picking the best running shoes for your level feet will make you feel physically better for the time being, and reduce potential difficult issues in the long haul.

  • Running is a mind-boggling, economical strategy for work out. It’s an extraordinary method to keep up legitimate wellbeing and has an amazingly extensive rundown of advantages.
  • Running can be performed at any place. There is no hardware, no ball, no rec center participation and no costly devices required to begin running. Only two working legs.
  • Running gives an incredible reason to eat increasingly delightful sugars, as doing so can aid execution and state of mind rise in longer runs.
  • Research has demonstrated that sprinters have fewer handicaps and stay dynamic longer than their inactive partners. Furthermore, sprinters, by and large, have longer life expectancies.
  • Running produces gigantic calorie consume. A 160-pound individual can consume more than 850 calories in an hour of running.
  • Exercise has been demonstrated to aid memory upkeep and can diminish manifestations of dementia and secure the cerebrum against Alzheimer’s, in any event, for those with family ancestries of the weakening mental malady.

Struggles apparent while running

Numerous sprinters can confront genuine troubles because of inappropriate footwear. In the event that you are level footed, it is crucial to buy running shoes made explicitly for individuals experiencing level feet. This evades wounds both in the short-and long haul, and keeps you on track to break separation and speed individual bests, and remain to do amazing.  Most sprinters basically select their shoes dependent on what is accessible. Others go somewhat more profound and see audits, brands, and styles.

While there may be nothing amiss with the shoe itself, it probably won’t be the best fit for your feet. Furthermore, foot structure always shows signs of change, even once development stops in your late high school years. Skeletons move and lower into the foot as years’ advancement. This implies, regardless of whether you didn’t begin level footed, you could be present.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet: Reviews

1. Brooks Levitate

The Brooks Levitate is another mentor, and the first by Brooks to utilize their DNA AMP padded sole. The shoe vows to give ‘perpetual vitality’ to the sprinter due to the new padded sole material, however, it misses the mark on its guarantees, conveying an agreeable but overwhelming coach.

Review of Product & Description:

Beginning our rundown is the Brooks Levitate. The Brooks Levitate is an incredible shoe for those with crumbled curves. The shoe offers better than average curve bolster which is useful for revising and fortifying fallen curves. Nonetheless, those with anatomically level feet may locate the curve bolster excessively high. The thick elastic sole is sturdy and offers great help close to the heels and toes and the upper cross-sections are light and breathable.

The curve supports are somewhat extreme and may require some becoming accustomed to. The Levitates additionally offer a lot of padding for stun retention and have a quite wide foot bed for those with level feet. Lamentably, they are not extraordinarily solid and may give indications of wear rapidly, particularly on the off chance that you are a successive sprinter.

In a perfect world, your foot hits the ground; the padded sole packs and springs back up driving the equivalent power back. Running would be totally easy.  Be that as it may, in all actuality there is lost vitality inside that running movement with each progression taken. That misfortune is knowledgeable about two structures, one is a level pressure of the padded sole, and the second is a misfortune as warmth.  In this way, your foot hits the ground and that vitality can just go one spot; directly back up at your foot. Along these lines; perpetual vitality.

  • Numerous sprinters were happy with the ricochet brought by the padded sole.
  • The underneath springiness worked amazingly in keeping up a liquid step, one analyst expressed.
  • A few clients concurred that the Levitate was incredible to use for long-separation running.
  • One wearer saw that there was sufficient padding to keep up a flexible structure and an agreeable walk.
  • Running velocity has expanded as a result of the DNA AMP padded sole, as per one client.
  • An analyzer expressed that the energy of this item compensated for its profound nature.
  • Several wearers remarked that the upper was effective in giving a protected fit in spite of it utilizing a delicate texture material.
  • A few clients noticed that the outsole didn’t hold well on wet and snow-bested streets.
  • One analyst imagined that the Brooks Levitate didn’t give the degree of responsiveness it professed to have.
  • A few analyzers felt that the substantial load of the shoe made it trying to use for various running sessions.
  • A lot of clients didn’t value the thin toe box, which felt awkward.


The Brooks Levitate was viewed as a charming shoe by numerous sprinters since it had the option to satisfy the guarantee of solace and responsiveness. Be that as it may, a few clients were not intrigued by the shoe’s outsole and strong weight. Generally speaking, the exhibition and ride offered by the shoe were generally welcomed.

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2. ASICS Gel-Kayano

The ASICS Kayano 26 is a strong ordinary dependability mentor who worked for some miles at various places. Lamentably the significant expense tag and the numerous likenesses it imparts to the next ASICS dependability contributions keep it away from being an extraordinary shoe.

Review of Product & Description:

Another running shoe from ASICS, the Gel-Kayano arrangement is a most loved among level footed sprinters. Complete with ASICS trademark pad and solace, the Gel-Kayano has a direct line padded sole that keeps the foot adjusted during each progression to upgrade the regular step. A liberal toe box takes into consideration the most extreme soundness and parity.  From the minute you slip them on you see a slimmer progressively customized fit from heel to toe. This may trouble a few sprinters, however, for me, it gave a superior fit. It embraced the forms of my feet without being confining.

The impact point counter through the padded sole secured my feet which included steadiness and supplemented the DuoMax emotionally supportive network of the padded sole.  This joined with the padding made for smooth progress from impact point/midfoot to toe-off.  ASICS has a method for creating strong straightforward innovations like the FlyteFoam padding for the padded sole.

The Flyte Foam Propel situated in the forefoot of the shoe is the star of the padded sole. It gives your feet a solid stage for toe offs and furthermore places some skip in your walk.  Like all ASICS, the Gel-Kayano are somewhat burdensome and huge, however, the astonishing solace and bolster makes it not such a major factor. The heel is somewhat less padded than past model and they are somewhat costly, however. The trim gaps are somewhat delicate as well, so tying your bands too tight may tear them.

  • ASICS trademark solace and pad
  • Awesome help and contact
  • Truly sturdy elastic outsole
  • Somewhat burdensome and enormous
  • Shoe trim gaps delicate
  • Wide; not useful for tight feet


The ASICS Kayano retail for 160 dollars which spots them in a jam-packed field regarding the cost of a maximum dependability coach. The issue with that is I don’t know if they are worth 160 dollars.  The explanation behind this is on the grounds that the line is obscuring between the GT-2000 and the Kayano. The most recent version of the GT-2000 offers a large number of indistinguishable advances from the Kayano.

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3. Nike Air Zoom Structure

The individuals who wind up harassed with plantar fasciitis, level feet, or other foot issues may flinch at the idea of running. The issues are one of the most continuous reasons for torment in the impact points of grown-ups and are especially regular among sprinters. The Nike Air Zoom Structure is perfect for all!

Review of Product & Description:

The name Nike is synonymous among shoe devotees for high caliber and top-level execution. The Zoom Air Structures are planned explicitly in view of those with level feet. The triple thickness padded sole guarantees that the shoe reaches the base of the foot at all focuses and the solid froth wedge in the impact point keeps the foot adjusted appropriately.

The one of a kind pentagon track configuration is made to eas progress from surface sorts and is additional intense close to the heels and toes. In the same way, as other Nike shoes, the Zoom Airs run somewhat tight so they don’t fit wide feet excessively well. This can be an issue the same number of individuals with level feet have wide-set bottoms. They likewise work superbly of rectifying the over pronation that is normal in those with level feet, however, a few analysts state they over correct a lot.

  • Support. With responsive padding, sturdy out sole, and Flymesh innovation, these shoes are dependable and incredible for sprinters of different sorts. It is worked such that advantages sprinters with level feet, organized with strong curve support and agreeable width that the two people the same can use. The development of the shoe, with Deep Flex sections and Dynamic Fit innovation, takes into account smooth advances. This gives you an increasingly successful run that is additionally OK for your feet.
  • Breathability. This is one of the most conspicuous highlights of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 shoe. They are viewed as rich and breathable with consistent Flymesh innovation, which gives ventilation and backing to the upper piece of the foot. This innovation was brought back in this model of shoes and is delighted in by numerous sprinters. Also, they have a Zoom Air unit that advances ventilation and back all the while.
  • Color Choice.  Per their Amazon postings, the men’s variety of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 shoe comes in twelve distinctive shading varieties while the ladies’ variety comes in eleven. The men’s hues extend between blacks, whites, grays, reds, greens, and blues while ladies’ hues have more assortment. Dim and pink, blue and pink, purple and blue, dark and dim, profound and light green, highly contrasting and so on.
  • Tight but cushioned fit. It’s vital that these shoes remain on your feet or else they’re not going to give the measure of help you require while running. With Flywire links in the shoelaces with dynamic lock down support, Nike’s Dynamic Fit innovation offers help in your midfoot. Not exclusively are your feet well-upheld, however, they are additionally padded with a rich out sole and padded sole underneath it.
  • Limited Color Choice. Shading alternative accessibility for the two people of the Nike Zoom Structure is negligible. This is particularly when contrasted with a past adaptation of the Nike Zoom Structure shoe.
  • No wide options. These are a little on the pricier end of the range, and all the more significantly don’t have the customization we would seek after (there are no tight and wide sizings accessible).
  • No reflectivity. The Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 shoes don’t have any intelligent surfaces. This can be a serious worry to evening sprinters, as it is critical to rehearse sound evening time running propensities. In the event that drivers don’t see you during the evening, you are bound to be associated with a mishap. Be that as it may, you can address this worry by adding a different reflector to the outside of the shoe.


The Nike Zoom Structure generally is an extremely strong running shoe and is an incredible running shoe choice for those experiencing plantar fasciitis. With its abundant impact point and curve support too, the Zoom Structure was likewise our choice for the best running shoes for level feet in the guide we accomplished for sprinters confronting that illness.

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4. ASICS Gel-Venture Running Shoes

The elastic outsole of the ASICS Gel Venture Running Shoes is entirely tough and has additional thickness close to the toes and heel.

Review of Product & Description:

ASICS has for some time been a brand supported by those with level feet. The Gel-Venture line of running shoes offers incredible steadiness and better padding than eased torment related to level feet and to address overpronation. The elastic outsole is entirely tough and has additional thickness close to the toes and heel.

The padded sole contains bundles of gell that work to equally disseminate power along the base of the foot and the removable sock liner enables you to put custom orthotics on the off chance that you need them. Be that as it may, the shoe has quite a low curve support for an orthotic shoe, so it may not be best for the individuals who have high curves and need additional help. On the other hand, the lower curves can be gainful for those with anatomically level feet who need something that spotlights more on strength.

  • The shoe is a tough shoe guaranteeing extraordinary execution on an assortment of surfaces.
  • The removable sock liner enables sprinters with foot issues to embed orthotics.
  • Its hard elastic sole makes it strong and extreme.
  • It has sufficient padding. It doesn’t make a difference whether you are going through extreme territory or basically working out.
  • Gel-Venture 6 is intended to ensure the foot against distending articles, sticks or rock.
  • The shoe is made of engineered lightweight material and beautiful.
  • The shoe will in general slip on wet level surfaces.
  • It doesn’t offer enough adaptability in view of the hard elastic sole.
  • The shoe has a tight-fitting.


For included solace, the shoe includes an extravagant tongue and neckline to counteract grabbing sand and rock on the trail. The footing improves the shoe’s presentation by upgrading the grasp of the shoe on different surfaces. A defensive guard at the front shields your toes from any thistles or sticks on the trail. They come in various hues and smart structures.

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5. Brooks GTS Adrenaline

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS is a shoe that keeps on improving every year. With a smooth ride and upgraded upper, indeed it is a ‘Go-To Shoe’ for overpronators.

Review of Product & Description:

The Brooks GTS Adrenaline offers a ton of curve backing and soundness for sprinters with level feet. The foot bed is explicitly intended to help with dependability and to avoid overpronation. Streams’ trademark guide rails framework keeps your foot adjusted which can help mitigate knee and lower leg torment. It likewise has a removable froth insole for custom orthotics.

The liberal curve backing and solidness alternatives are ideal for level feet however they are somewhat hard and take some becoming accustomed to. It additionally requires some investment to become accustomed to the guide rails step adjustment however once you do running gets a lot simpler.

  • A strong elastic outsole
  • Comprehensive Guide Rails emotionally supportive network to avert genuine knee wounds
  • Streamlined structure and development
  • Improved heel-to-toe footing
  • The more extensive toe box
  • Lightweight and agreeable
  • Improved execution
  • The decreased curve makes it hard for individuals who are inclined toward a more profound curve while running and strolling
  • Upper looks somewhat modest


Our analyzers cherished the decent feel of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS. The new Guide Rail pronation backing gives all the steadiness required without affecting step or putting weight on the curve. The refreshed padded sole padding is adequate in delicateness while as yet offering fabulous responsiveness and believe, and the Omega Flex Grooves take into consideration some flexibility without giving up underneath insurance. Sprinters searching for extreme solace in a soundness model will love this new form of the Brooks Adrenaline.

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6. Mizuno Wave Inspire

The following is our rundown is the Mizuno Wave Inspire running shoes. The thick out sole and insole give a lot of pad and backing. They are exceptionally lightweight and commentators note they are especially powerful at revising mellow to direct overpronation.

Review of Product & Description

The “Twofold Fan Wave” innovation of the development of the external and padded sole is intended to all the more likely convey weight along the foot while likewise giving great flex.

The shoes are somewhat tight-fitting so you may rub against the highest points of your feet, particularly in the event that you have high-situated curves. Curve backing is not too bad, however, the genuine draw is that you can take out the insoles in the event that you have to adjust the fit. The bands are thick and to some degree bulky to tie, yet they are intense and won’t break effectively. All around, Mizuno is an incredible decision for people the same who experience the ill effects of level feet.

  • Incredible solidness
  • Entirely breathable
  • All around made development keeps going
  • The tight fit can aggravate the highest points of feet
  • Curve backing can be excruciating for those with seriously harmed curves


I got the opportunity to test these shoes going all through a long-distance race this spring. As I ran my last 20 miles in them before race day and furthermore did my recuperation miles after an effective 26.2-mile crusade this March. I was worried this would be too massive and substantial of a shoe that would do well for long runs and long runs. The ride of the shoe was unbelievably versatile. There was a ton of shoe, however, the padded sole development enabled me to turn up in pace in the event that I needed to, yet additionally, do my moderately paced long runs and recuperation trips.

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7. Saucony Echelon

Accordingly, the Saucony Echelons are best for the individuals who have mellow to direct issues with level feet.

Review of Product & Description

This street preparing shoe is intended to diminish mile to direct overpronation while likewise giving a strong curve bolster that isn’t excessively high. Accordingly, the Saucony Echelons are best for the individuals who have mellow to direct issues with level feet. The latter is shaped exceptionally straight and the insole is level which is useful for level feet that need full contact with the footbed. The texture uppers are somewhat substantial and fairly need breathability, however an inside shoe liner wicks away dampness from the feet.

The Echelons additionally have a more extensive development to take into consideration insertable orthotics. Analysts rave about how the Eschelon’s lighten and anticipate torment related to their feet. Since they are wide, they are not a solid match for restricted feet. Analysts additionally note that they may not be a decent decision for greater sprinters as the additional weight can harm the structure of the shoe. Regardless of these defects, the Eschelons are a splendidly skillful running shoe for sprinters with level feet.

  • Extremely comfortable. The Echelon 7 is filled to the overflow with solace on account of the tech that Saucony has stuffed into it. The padded sole gives ideal padding each progression on account of the Saucony SuperLite padded sole and lightweight PowerGrid froth pad. The water-safe RunDry neckline lining in the upper piece of the shoe gives additional cushioning just as dampness and scent control.
  • Superior Durability. These shoes are worked to last. Saucony is known for creating shoes that last even after several miles of utilization. The sole is pressed with tech to improve both solace and solidness. The outsole contains XT 900 carbon elastic and included infusion blown elastic, which is worked to last sprinters for a seriously long time. The padded sole has Saucony Superlite and PowerGrid froth which are intended to bob back to their unique shape after each progression, even subsequent to getting hammered.
  • Contemporary Design. Numerous sprinters have raved about the smooth and present-day plan of the Saucony Echelon 7. These shoes are a lot more grounded alternative in case you’re searching for advanced chic running shoes. The shoe comes in the two people’s styles and offers two shadings minor departure from each. A naval force dark combo and a dim red-blue combo for men, and a dim pink combo and a dim, mint, and blue combo for ladies.
  • Very sturdy but lacks flexibility. A similar innovation pressed into the sole that makes these shoes so agreeable is likewise what makes perhaps the greatest grievance. Saucony unmistakably relinquished adaptability to make more space for soundness and control in their Echelon line. And keeping in mind that this fifth portion in the line is an improvement to its ancestor, regardless it has comparable adaptability issues. They’ve enhanced this to some degree with the stretchable Sauce-Fit tech on the upper piece of the shoe. In the event that you like a shoe that is more adaptable than it is steady, at that point the Echelon may not be for you.
  • Sizing runs wide. which can be a gift or a revile. In their endeavor to counteract restricted feet, to take into account the individuals who use orthotics, and to take into account space to move around, the standard sizes of these shoes will in general run somewhat wide. On the off chance that you have limited feet, at that point, you should consider purchasing a half-to full measure down.


The Saucony Echelon has been extraordinarily designed to give predominant ease, backing, and sturdiness for sprinters who experience the ill effects of level feet and the individuals who are impartial sprinters. It offers mellow help without going over the edge on the curves. On the off chance that you’re a sprinter with a mellow instance of level feet, at that point this pair might be the ideal fit for you.

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8. Hoka One Vanquish Running Shoe

The Vanquish has a remarkable ride I’ve yet to involvement in another shoe. It is an incredible shoe for long separation running yet will in general battle at speed.

Review of Product & Description:

It should not shock anyone that an item from Hoka One made it on this rundown. Hoka One is known for its amazing padded shoes and the Vanquish arrangement is the same. The carbon treated elastic is amazingly strong and springy which gives extraordinary stun retention. The Meta-Rocker Geometry development reaches all purposes of the feet and gives extraordinary soundness.

The shoe has lower curve support so it may not be best for the individuals with fallen curves. Then again, they are generally excellent for anatomically level feet, despite the fact that they run somewhat limited. The toe box is likewise somewhat short, so in the event that you need more toe room something different might be a superior decision. The shoes are somewhat pricier, however, they merit the additional cash for the nature of assembling. These shoes are pretty darn sturdy and will keep going for a decent time.

  • Unbelievable padding
  • Meta-Rocker Geometry and Active Foot Frame have incredible soundness
  • The extreme elastic outsole is sturdy
  • Somewhat massive and cumbersome
  • Progressively expensive


The delicate pad just couldn’t withdraw rapidly enough for me to feel any kind of productivity in my walk. Attempting to run a moderate loosened up pace downhill drew out a similar dependability issue. This is a long separation loosened up pace shoe which is ideal for a large portion of my runs. It has an interesting ride and most likely the gentlest padding I have ever felt in a running shoe.

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9. Altra Escalante

The Altra Escalante is an adaptable street shoe that functions admirably in pretty much any setting. From track exercises to street long-distance races, the Escalante can basically do everything!

Review of Product & Description:

A somewhat lesser known shoemaker, the Altra Escalante arrangement of running shoes is extraordinary for sprinters who have anatomically level feet. The zero-drop stage implies that your toes and impact points stay at a similar level so the base of the shoe reaches the entire foot. This level plan additionally circulates stun equally along the base of the foot, keeping any one piece of the foot from doing an excessive amount of work.

The Escalante likewise have Altra’s Footpod innovation, which spotlights on helping the bones and ligaments in the foot flex in the correct way. Once more, since they have a zero drop structure, they don’t offer an excessive amount of unequivocal curve support, however, for anatomically level feet this can be something to be thankful for. Shockingly, they offer almost no protection so your feet will get cold running in the winter, and they are more costly.

  • Zero drop stage keeps contact with the entire foot
  • One of a kind track maps to toe situation
  • Amazing padding
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Low curve backing might be terrible for fell curves.


On the off chance that you can’t tell as of now, I REALLY like the Altra Escalante. The shoe is past agreeable, even after 26.2 miles on the streets. I wouldn’t see any problems if the shoe gave more ground feel while running, however the solace and toughness of this shoe more than compensate for the one minor issue I have.

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10. New Balance NB 860

The keep going thing on our rundown is another shoe from New Balance, the NB 860.

Review of Product & Description:

Made for additional solidness and backing, the 860s have a tough TruFuse padded sole that gives padding at all focuses on the feet alongside a double thickness post that keeps your feet stable while running.  The toe box runs somewhat little and the shoe is somewhat restricted, which is abnormal for a New Balance shoe. In any case, the footbed is amazingly agreeable and springy enough for good reaction on a wide range of surfaces. The outsole isn’t mind-blowing tough yet except if you scratch your feet while running, it ought not to be too big an issue. Lamentably, there are just 3 shading alternatives, yet all accessible renditions look smooth and are useful for easygoing wear.

  • Magnificent dependability and pad
  • Adaptable and breathable
  • Respectable track and footing
  • Fairly expensive
  • The heel has the inclination to stain socks


The New Balance 860v10 takes the great soundness running shoe and makes it far and away superior with a refreshed fit. We cherish the v10’s new 3D-formed heel, which is slimmer without relinquishing the lock-in fit we need. The upper is delicate and obliging, and the general fit is designed for comfort.  Be that as it may, the superstar is as yet the steady average post and responsive ride, which makes it Cooper’s go-to shoe.

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In this guide, we are going to walk you through the way toward choosing the best running shoes for level feet. We will probably guarantee you can “put your best foot forward” in your running interests, regardless of whether they be easygoing or focused. All things considered, running isn’t only an activity, it’s a way of life.

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