Best Gym Shorts 2020 – Detailed Reviews & Buying Guide

Your experience regarding fitness can be enjoyable with a proper costume. The right accessory doesn’t act just like passive objects. It is one of the active and effective pieces which make your workout more efficient. For this purpose, various brands have brought various products regarding day to day workout. Most of the professional athletes of the USA spend sufficient time and money to find the right uniform. There are several sizes of shorts are present in US market. From the huge list, we just choose 10 best of them according to the customer’s choice.

Those have come in different length ranges as well as different styles. Two main things to look for the best short are comfortable fit and high-tech moisture-absorbing material. In this article, we try to provide some details of the selected products for casual gym goers to personal trainers. Other products feature like anti-odor technology, quick dryings, stretching capacity, and water-resistant power are also important to become the famous one.

Top 10 Gym Shorts available in US market:

Generally, there are different sizes of gym shorts are present in the market. From the following items along with a bunch of features, we designed a list that shows the product details at a glance. Mainly 4 different sizes of gym shorts are discussed bellow.

Best 5-inch Gym Shorts

Although thousands of 5-inch shorts are available in the market, we choose only 2 types Nike Flex Stride Running Shorts and Outdoor Voices Runner’s Shorts are best in all.

1. Nike Flex Stride Running Shorts:

Nike Flex Stride is one of the famous brands among US athletes. Mainly it is designed for both the professionals and beginners. Chris Keyloun, the renounced athlete coach at New York’s famous club Rowgatta is a great fan of Nike Flex gym shorts. He stated that this good linen brand is technically made for running for the professionals. He also opines that the in-built compression in the product ensures more comfort rather than other general shorts in US market.

The brand offers you:

  • Hundred percent polyester finishing
  • Zipper Pocket
  • Supportive coverage
  • Elastic waistband protect your skin from itching
  • Good elastic enclosure and more effective materials.

2. Outdoor Voices Runner’s Shorts:

This product is also effective while running. Those who are not interested in any kind of workout are also like this brand. Copywriter of California, John Roth is a great fan of Outdoor Voices Runner’s Shorts. He told us that, “Finding good workout accessories is vital for gym goers. It can be a motivator among them.” The Brand told us that, it can be found in different styles and colors in the market.

The brand offers you:

  • Mesh lining technology
  • Good elastic closure
  • Fine linen material
  • Zipper and without zipper pockets available on both side
  • Slim waistband protect your skin from inflammation

Best 7-inch Gym Shorts:

We choose the best four 7-inch gym shorts for you from the numerous lists.

1. Lululemon Pace Breaker

Lululemon is one of the best gym shorts this year. It became more popular among the US users and the guys we talked to. Every three men of 10 those who have some ideas about gym accessories and clothing recommended Lululemon Pace Breaker for 7-inch gym shorts. Max of them told us that, ‘it is the best 7-inch short including some essential facilities’. They also told that this comfortable liner helps you to move easily in all directions in workout time. A well-placed zipper pocket helps to keep your mobile phone secure while running as well as rowing.

It should be your preference with these following facilities:

  • Made with lightweight
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Made with swift fabric
  • Both side zipper pocket available
  • Made with Woven for strength techniques
  • No extra bulk present

2. Rhone Swift Lined:

Rhone Swift Lined short is another 7-inch lined short that comes to the second preference among the US users. The former editor and deputy director Jason Chen of ‘The Strategist’, the famous online retailer of USA stated that this lining inner wear provides incredible feelings to its users. The marketing analysis of this product is also very satisfactory. Many athletes of the country told us that, by using Rhone Swift one can run in about eight miles with a complete comfort level.

With this brand, you can get those:

  • It has Lace-Up closure
  • It is made for your most grueling and longest workouts.
  • Perforated outer portion allows entering the air which keeps your waist cool.
  • It has an in-built gear strap which helps to carry your towels and shirts while running.
  • Both side zipper pockets keep your smartphone secure.

3. Ten Thousand Lined Interval Shorts

Ariel Brill, the government certified trainer of Massachuate thinks that Ten Thousand Lined Interval is one of the best 9-inch gym shorts around the country. He likes its lightweight stretchable fabric very much. He stated that heavy lifting at the gym can be easier with this short. The simple waistband and 100% fine quality is another strength of this brand. The brand comes with several colors and styles.

They offer you:

  • 98% pure polyester and 2% pure Spandex
  • Outer shorts with zipper pocket and inner shorts have a hidden pocket on right side.
  • Excellent elastic waistband made with rubber protection
  • Waterproof technology accustomed in this brand
  • Perfectly fit for fitness workout, boxing, basketball, and some other activities.
  • Quick-dry fabric and wet absorbing techniques keep you comfortable while using.

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4. Nike Men Running Shorts

From the list of top four 7-inch shorts, Nike is another famous brand among others. According to the customer’s review, Nike is one of the best running shorts in the US market. Along with Dry-Fit technology, you will keep dry and comfortable no matter how far you run in summer or monsoon. The classic style offers you enhanced breathability and secure fittings with top-class elastic waist. The interior back pocket is beneficial and attractive among the US athletes.

It offers you:

  • 100 % pure Polyester
  • World-class quality
  • Cool and comfort features on the time of running
  • Dry-Fit technologies
  • On the exclusive back pocket, you can keep your keys secure while running.
  • Both side Zipper pockets available.
  • Mesh panels increase the breathability of the product.

Best 8-inch Gym Shorts:

1. Vuori Lined Kore:

According to our choice, Vuori Lined Kore is the only best 8-inch gym short in the market. Many of the regular gym goers opine that Vulori Lined is the best 9-inch short. They also stated that this is the most comfortable piece they have ever owned. It is best to use in a treadmill, swimming pull, sea beaches, long runways, boxing stage, volleyball field, and more places. The popular YouTube channel in USA, ‘The Yoga with Tim’ recommended their viewers to consume this product because of its great uses.

You can get some special like:

  • Enough stretchable to move with great comfort
  • Simple waistband protects your skin from itching
  • Anti-odor properties keep you fresh all day.
  • Multiple pocket gussets help you to keep your smartphone and money secure.
  • Both side zipper and non-zipper pockets are present.
  • It provides 100% pure fabric
  • Quick dry and wet absorbing techniques help to keep you comfortable during a workout.

Best 9-inch Gym Shorts:

1. Lulumen Lined Pace Breaker

Matt Jared, the co-founder of ‘Yoga and meditation’ a nonprofit organization under ‘United We Om’, is another dye heart fan of Lululemon Lined Pace Breaker. He mainly prefers the slightly longer 9-inch version of Lulumen Lined. He stated to us that “I wear these gym shorts while teaching yoga because it fits more loose and relaxed, no matter what shape I find myself during my classes”. He also said to us that “especially like this liner, which has serious moisture-wicking capabilities that keep everything in place.”

Let see what features you can get by this:

  • The product lined with huge numbers of storage spaces which make it popular.
  • It designed with multiple pockets including Zippers and on Zippers.
  • Sweat-wicking technology makes the product effective for users.
  • The liner is made with quick-drying mesh fabric technology that keeps the users fresh for the whole day.

2. SAXX 2N1 Kinetic Train

Sean Sewell, a renounced personal trainer who runs the famous gear-review site Endearment and the fitness expert of Mountain Fitness School, USA stated that “This is the topmost favorable short for me, whether I am working out at the gym or at my home.” He also told his students, that “though the product is more expensive than others you cannot get a better quality linen 9-inch shorts in as SAXX 2N1. Many of the fitness experts of the USA think that this is comfortable especially for the taller men. We think that only Lululemon can compete with this brand in the whole country.

By using this brand you can get:

  • KINETIC provides you a comfortable and supportive while boxing, running, training, and swimming or any kind of workout.
  • It fits in any adjustable condition with semi-compression techniques.
  • With a pouch and breathable mesh panel, it protects your skin from inflammation.
  • 100 % pure Nylon polyester material
  • This High-quality men’s athletic wear supports you in driving posture.

Best 10-inch Gym Shorts:

1. Under Armour

According to the critic’s choice, Under Armour is the only best 10-inch gym short in the US market. While form best fitting gym shorts with in-built liners with the most popular style Under Armour is most preferable among the users. Maximum customers told us with their preference for the most comfort unlined and slightly looser short is this brand. It is also best for its affordable cost and simple designing.

They offer you by providing this product:

  • It is made with world-class quality
  • Compiles with UA Tech including quick drying and ultra soft natural polyester.
  • It provides closure elastic in this product.
  • Under Armour is made of sweat-wicking and quick-drying materials.
  • The brand brought several mesh hand pockets in this product.
  • Provides 100% polyester
  • Anti-odor functions activated
  • Simple waistband reduces itching probability while using.

Gym Shorts Comparison Chart:

1. 5-inch Gym Shorts

NameNike FlexOutdoor Voices
User Rating4.6 Out of 54.3 Out of 5
Expert’s Rating4 Out of 53.9 Out of 5
Brand NameNikeOutdoor Voices
Best ForWorkout and RunningWorkout and Running

2. 7-inch Gym Shorts

NameLululemon Pace BreakerRhoneTen ThousandNike
User Rating4 Out of 54.6 Out of 53.8 out of 54 out of 5
Expert’s Rating4.6 Out of 54.6 Out of 53.2 out of 53.8 out of 5
Brand NameLululemonJ. RhoneThe Ten ThousandNike
Best ForWorkout and boxingWorkout and runningWorkout, Boxing and runningWorkout and Running

3. 8-inch Gym Shorts

NameVouri Lined Kore
User Rating4.3 out of 5
Expert Rating4 out of 5
Brand nameVuori
Best ForWorkout and Boxing and Treadmill

4. 9-inch Gym Shorts

NameLululemon Pace BreakerSAXX 2N1
User Rating5 out of 54.9 out of 5
Expert Rating4.6 out of 54.6 out of 5
Brand NameLululemonSAXX Kinetic
Best forWorkout, Boxing, RunningWorkout, Jogging, Running, Yoga for taller men

5. 10-inch Gym Short

NameUnder Armour
User Rating4.2 out of 5
Expert Rating3.8 out of 5
Brand NameUnder Armour
Price$ 32.00
Best forWorkout and running

Most Popular Brands:

  • Best for Running: Nike Flex
  • Best Budget-friendly short: Under Armour
  • Best for Weightlifting: Rhone
  • Best short for Boxing: Nike Distance 2-in-1 Running Shorts
  • Best to Wearing for all day: Outdoor Voices Sunday Shorts


1Q. Is Zipper Pocket present in gym shorts?

Ans: Yes. You can get a Zipp pocket in the maximum number of gym shorts. It keeps your smartphone safe while workout. Some of the brands also provide a hidden pocket in gym shorts to keep your money and keys safe.

2Q. Can we get quick-dry facilities in gym shorts?

Ans: You can get a Quidry facility in best gym shorts such as Lululemon Pace Breaker, Nike Flex, Under Armour, Rhone and more products.

3Q. Anti-Odor technology is present in those gym shorts?

Ans: Yes, you can get developed anti-odor technology in those top-rated products. This technology helps to keep you fresh and active while workout at the gym.

4Q. Is the item durable?

Ans: Yes. We can assure you with our responsibility that the discussed products all are durable. Some of them like Nike, Lululemon, and Vouri provide you cash back offers regarding their brands.


We try to provide the best data in editorial content. Like those in this content, we try to show some effective data on the best gym shorts all over the market of the United Nations. If you buy the fittest product through our encouragement, that will be the best gift for us this Christmas.

  1. The best 5-inch gym short is Nike Flex because of its good quality and affordable price.
  2. According to the expert’s opinion, the best 7-inch gym short is Lululemon Pace Breaker. It gets maximum rating regarding its quality and providing features.
  3. We can suggest that Vouri Lined Kore is the best 8-inch gym short in the US market among others.
  4. The users and the experts both are suggested that Lululemon Pace Breaker is the best 9-inch gym short in the US market. It is the most durable and reliable regarding the customers’ choices.
  5. According to the user’s choice Under Armour is the best 10-inch gym short. It is famous for its best price rate along with qualities.

We always encourage you to take a good resolution which keeps you healthy. This New Year is an essential time to take a resolution to start a regular workout. We have rounded up some of the best gym shorts for you in terms of features and performance. Now it is your time to choose the best one which is fittest for you.

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