Best Fitness Apps in 2020 – For Android & iOS

Hey, fitness freaks! Are you trying hard to stay healthy and fit? Now no more worries my friends. Now you can take the help of modern technology that will help to slim you down. Apart from losing weight, these fitness applications will gift you with a healthy life in the New Year 2020. So what are you waiting for? Download now.

But you may become confused after getting so many applications available in the digital world that is related to health and fitness. Do not worry! Here you will get a list of ten Best fitness applications for 2020.

Importance of Fitness Apps:

Fitness applications available in android and iOS are indeed perfect for beginners! This application can be useful for athletes. Yes, you all may have taken a resolution by now to begin your year with happiness and health. You are just a few lines far from finding out the best fitness applications in the year 2020. These fitness applications keep you reminding and prompts you to achieve your health goals. It also provides several tools like a calorie calculator to perform the task of your fitness coach or gym trainer. It also provides you with information to make the right decisions related to your dieting proportionately with your calorie-burning per day.

List of Best Fitness Apps in 2020: Using Guide

Remaining slim and healthy has become easier. You just require downloading one of the best fitness applications on your device to start your fitness schedule today. You can just it to your parents, friends and loved ones! The most important benefit you can get from these fitness applications is it is user-friendly and inexpensive. Let us now dive a bit more to reach the list of top fitness applications for 2020.

1. My Fitness App

This application has been launched by an American trainer Jilian Michaels. To download this application you first need smartphone that supports android. It can help you in tracking your fitness plan in the right direction. You can shred your excess weight and make your body toned out with the help of this excellent app. You will be surprised to know that this fitness app includes training programs of abs, cardio and many more. It offers you more than eight hundred exercises. You can also customize your training program according to your requirements. So you will live a life free from tensions as this app will ensure you and your family maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also provides information regarding meals.

2. Sworkit App

This is another top fitness application for android users. This app is very simple to use and helps you to lose your belly fat as quickly as possible. This app provides freedom to its users to customize their health programs based on their needs. This app also has scientific collegiate research that helps in analyzing the level of fitness, safety, and effectiveness of users’ workout. After installing this app you get to see there are three hundred workouts already present for you. You can customize your workout intervals. You can get in touch with personal trainers if you need any advice.

3. Google Fit

No doubt Google fit app is one of the top-rated fitness apps among all health lovers. This wonderful app helps you to track your walking, cycling, and swimming, for a whole day. It offers you quick insight regarding your workout progress and helps to achieve your goals of fitness. You can even easily measure several other aspects of your health like sleep, weight, nutrition, and many more. You can keep track of your heart point.

4. Fit Radio App

Indeed there is no better way to start your workout plan if you are a beginner than to install fit radio app. Android users can easily download this app and start working out thereafter. It has some best known personal trainers to coach you about cardio, abs and many more workouts. You can even set your workout programs for an outdoor run, elliptical, treadmill, walking, bile and many more. You can also get the option to set your playlist.

5. Nike Run Club App

It provides full support for Android devices. You can see custom and global challenges. If you are planning to keep yourself healthy by running then Nike Run Club is best for you. This app provides several unique features like audio-guided run, custom challenges on distance and GPS run tracking. This app also provides in-ear audio from elite athletes and Nike coaches to keep its users motivated.

6. Strava App:

This app is perfect for all those people who like to compose their workout schedules with different kinds of activities like cycling, running, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, cross-fit and so on.

7. Fitness Point App:

The intelligence algorithm of this app quickly analysis the level of fitness and provides sessions if required. This app holds nearly about three hundred body weight reducing exercises. These workouts are provided with help of description, training tutorials and animation. You can receive better results by using the calendar option where this application has set dates in order to track for your past burned calories and workouts.

8. Shock- Women’s Fitness App:

Het my dear lovely ladies, this app is particularly designed for women. This app is considered one of the top-rated fitness apps for iOS. But workout plans of this fitness application are equally beneficial for men as well. Users can easily set the level of difficulty as per their body requirements.

9. Fit bit:

iOS users can only download this application. It is well designs to record your steps and distances you have walked or ran. This application also analyses and provides graphs of your heart rate. It offers quick and quality ratios on nutrition and meals. You can easily log calories with the help of a barcode scanner to keep eyes on your food history.

10. Couch to5k- Training to Run App:

This app will take you to reach heights of your amazing life certainly. It acts as your trainer guiding you with the best workout plans. It offers the option of in-app music. This fitness app is supported by iOS.

Final Words!!!

You are highly recommended to download the Nike Run fitness app as it is available for both iOS and Android users. It is one of the finest fitness and health apps that certainly help you to maintain your goals of fitness. You can enjoy a number of workouts that are inbuilt in this application without making any payment.

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